15 August 2008

Enlighted Sincerity

It seems that one of the basic principles of the new way of expressing your state of mind and revealing your inner thoughts and feelings, is actually NOT TO..!

At least in my microcosmos, it is somewhat incorrect and even offensive to express any true or heartfelt feelings that differ those of your immediate enviroment.

You are immediately considered seriously one-sided, unappreciative and even unaware of consequences or possible actions.

Sooo... it is better and certainly more convenient to:

1. Wear a half-smile (but not too jubilant)
2. Seem content (but not happy)
3. DO NOT answer the "how do you do" question with nothing else that "Fine, fine; and you?"

That way, the OTHERS will be happy.

The notion of your mental health is of little or no significance

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